Welcome in the Name of Jesus!

We are a Lutheran Christian [what’s it mean to be Lutheran?] congregation located in Clovis, New Mexico.  In every generation of humanity, God has made Himself known by speaking to us.  The Bible is nothing other than God’s word written down.  By God’s grace, as a congregation, we trust God’s Word and believe what He says (1 Cor. 12:3).  He condemns our sins in which we have lived as if God did not matter and we mattered most (Matt. 19:21-22), but the wonderful news is that we also believe what God tells us about His Son, Jesus (Luke 7:48-50).  Through what Jesus has done for us, we have peace with God and are completely, no-strings-attached forgiven of all our sins (Col. 2:13-14).  Any fears we had about death are taken away because, on God’s assurance, when we die we will find an open heaven because Jesus has done it all for us (Eph. 2:8-9).

We welcome you to come and hear God speak to you in His Word.   He is the Living God, and He wants you to have eternal life through His Son.

Weekly Schedule


10:15am – Bible class/Sunday School

11:30am – Divine Service with Holy Communion

Midweek Services (during Advent and Lent)
7:00pm Wednesday

Christian Education
10:15am Sunday – Adult and Children classes
9:30am Wednesday – Bible class (Not currently in session- Call for updates)

Special Groups

6:00pm on 2nd Tuesday – Lutheran Women’s Missionary LeagueContact us for information on other studies that occur throughout the year.Private confession and absolution is available upon request.


Church: 575-763-4526